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Simply choose the value of the gift certificate you wish to purchase by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button below the value.  Enter the recipients name into the Gift message box.  There is no shipping charge for sending you the gift certificate!

You will receive an attractive, lively certificate from with a certificate redemption number that can be used with any ordering method -
online, phone, or mail.

If you are ordering the certificate online and want us to mail the certificate directly to the recipient rather than to you, enter their name and "Ship to Address" when you check out.

Note:  Shipping charges will show up on your checkout for the Gift Certificate but will be credited prior to your card being charged.

Gift certificates can be used with all types of orders - online, phone, mail.  Gift certificates can be used toward the total price of your order, including sales tax and shipping.  Due to system restrictions, only one gift certificate can physically be applied per online order.  If you have more than one gift certificate to apply to your order, please phone your order to a live order operator at
715-386-0939.  Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash.  If your order totals more than the face value on your gift certificate you must pay the difference in order for us to process the order. If your order totals less than the face value on your gift certificate, you will be given a store credit for the remaining amount.  That store credit cannot be redeemed for cash, but can be used as another gift certificate toward a future purchase.







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Nordic Gift House is proud to represent the following product lines from Norway (Norge), Sweden (Sverige), Denmark (Danmark), Finland & Iceland (Island): 
Scandinavian Jewelry/Solje jewelry:
Solje pins, solje earrings, solje necklaces, solje pendants & solje rings.
Contemporary Jewelry:
glass jewelry, glass necklaces & earrings, hillestad, amulets
Viking Jewelry:- necklaces, rings, earrings in 925S Sterling Silver & Pewter.  Tors Hammer, Snorre, Rune & Viking designs.
Silver & Bronze Jewelry: Midnight Sun earrings, pendant & pin. Hillestad amuletts, trinity, triple cross necklace, urnes design, contemporary
Sweaters/Cardigans: Gjestal Classic, Gjestal Exclusive, Gjestal Sport, Gjestal Women's, Norlender Knitwear, SIMU Nordic AB
Prints: Norwegian Art Print reproductions by famous artists - Edvard Munch, Christian Skredsvig, Theodor Kittelsen, Adolf Tideman, Erik Werenskiold & Hans Gude
Print titles: Telemark Girls, Idyll, Scream, Four Girls on a Bridge, Spring at Hagan, Fall at Hagan, Blue Room, Willow Flute,
Little Girl at the Stabbur, Grandmother's Bridal Crown, Bridal Procession at the Hardanger Fjord, From Telemark
Scandinavian music:  CD's, Dance / Gammeldans, Christmas, Classical (Edvard Grieg), Instrumental, Music from Norway & Sweden,
Vocal Artists featuring Sissel Kyrkjebø, Carola, Secret Garden, Arve Tellefsen
Pewter Gift Items: Oseberg Letter opener, Key rings, Viking figurines, Viking ship, candle holders, T-light holder, Salt ship,
:  Bunad Costume Dolls.  Counties represented include: Aust-Agder, Beltestakken (Telemark), Bergen, Hallingdal, Hardanger Girl, Hardanger Bride, Hardanger Boy, Hemsedal, Kautokeino (Same), Nordland Blue, Nordfjord, Numedal, Oslo Blue, Oslo Black, Rogaland, Romsdal, Rondastakken, Røros, Setesdal, Sogn, Sunnfjord, Sunnmøre, Søyadrakten, Telemark, Trøndelag, Valdres, Vest-Agder. Vestlandsdrakten, Voss, Østerdalen, and Østfold.
Viking Products: Pewter Viking Ship w/Sail, Viking Jewelry, Dragon T-light holder, Oseberg Letter opener,
Hand Tie-Dyed Swedish Batik Designs by Heidi Lange include: Viking Ship, Viking Design I, Vikings in Longboat, Happy Vikings & Viking Harald.